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The Maine section of the IAT/SIA is 138 miles (222 kms.) long. Heading north from the Katahdin Lake East Access (KLE) trailhead of Baxter State Park, the route passes through boreal forests, follows trails, old logging roads, rural public roads, an abandoned railroad bed, to the potato fields of Aroostook County and the cleared strip of land along the boundary between the United States and Canada. Beyond Fort Fairfield, the trail enters the province of New Brunswick.


Reservations for camping/lodging are required in Baxter State Park and in the parks of Canada for camping/lodging.


Maine Trail Guides:


Text Guide (free downloadable pdf)


The Text Guide is a textual description of the IAT in Maine.




Illustrated Trail Guide to the IAT in Maine (for purchase – paperback book)


The Illustrated Trail Guide contains a detailed description, in an attractive, multicolor booklet, of the route of the entire IAT trail in Maine with topographic map delineation, and includes photographs, and information on special features and sites, local flora, fauna, geology, and history.

Maine Trail Maps:

Maine Chapter of the International Appalachian Trail • 27 Blake Street * Presque Isle, ME 04769