The Maine section of the IAT/SIA is 138.4 miles (223kms) long. Heading north from the trail head parking near mile 12 on the Katahdin Loop Road, the route passes through boreal forests and follows trails, old logging roads, an abandoned railroad bed, and rural public roads to the potato fields of Aroostook County. Beyond Fort Fairfield, the trail enters New Brunswick.

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“Thinking Beyond Borders”


The International Appalachian Trail (IAT) began as a commitment between Maine and Provincial Canada to work together as neighbors to sustain a common environment and celebrate the grandeur of a common landscape. In North America the trail connects elements of the Appalachian Mountains, crossing rivers, threading through spruce and fir forests, joining the people and cultures of Maine, Quebec, and Atlantic Canada. Since 2009, this mission has been embraced in Greenland and Iceland and across the arc of the North Atlantic to Europe and North Africa. The IAT now comprises 23 Chapters on three continents from Maine to Morocco. Progress to maintain and improve the trail experience continues in work with landowners, hikers, conservation organizations, and local, regional and national governments.


Head of Border Trail Between US and Canada
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Maine Chapter of the International Appalachian Trail • 27 Blake Street * Presque Isle, ME 04769