IAT Wassataquoik Work Trip Report- June 17, 18, 19, 2009

July 17, 2009

The road from the Huber wood yard is still drivable by car. Kellock gate is locked and must be kept locked.


-Dave, Earl, and Herb arrived Wednesday afternoon; Bill arrived in the evening.


-Thursday afternoon: Bob J. brought in a Brobdingnagian picnic table and set it up.


-Walter came in with Tom B. and did his usual superbly organized camp and cook routine.




Dick brought the IAT mileage sign in Friday morning and all but Earl, Bob J., and Herb set the post and sign at KLE  (mile 0), in the rain. They also set a new post to keep hikers on the Gardiner Road at the turnoff going back to Kellock gate.


Walt and Herb checked other sign posts and in some cases added rocks around the bases.


The Lean-to and privy were cleaned and area the around the fire ring cleared and raked.


An Orrin Falls sign with the distance will be installed on the next trip.


Small stumps were grubbed and additional trail clearing done on the first section of the trail after fording Wassataquoik Stream.


Bob J. (with chain saw) and Tom B. left the Wassataquoik lean-to mid Thursday afternoon and did an impressive job of clearing all of the blowdowns on the 3 miles of trail to the summit of Deasey Mt. This was a major project the needed doing. Bob and Tom did not get back to the lean-to until 8:30 p.m. Earl accompanied them as far as his eponymous erratic. Bob’s venison stew was enjoyed by all.


A cutoff to the warden’s cabin, which is now flagged, will be cleared at a later date.


Wednesday afternoon Dave and Earl tried to investigate the road down the esker, starting out with Dave’s ATV, and flag the proposed high water alternative using the Wassataquoik bridge and the public lot, but were stopped by a large mud hole. Dave and Bill went back early Thursday morning and returned late afternoon, having traveled much of the 11 miles on foot. Bill and his dog “Trip” will recheck to route in cooler weather and complete the flagging.


Laying out a proposed new loop trail to the Lunksoos lean-to from the Orrin Falls Road will be a future project.


Thursday morning Earl and Herb followed the Keep Road upstream in an effort to find a more direct route from the ford that would avoid the beaver dams and the extensive flowage. This turned out not be an option since the Keep Road eventually went down a steep bank and into the lengthy flowage. They then went downstream and investigated the area where the beaver-dammed brook enters Wassataquoik Stream. From this point it is a short, shallow ford across the brook and a few hundred feet upslope to the Keep Road. This turned out to be an excellent option and a route following the stream down to the confluence with the beaver brook was flagged, along with the short path from the brook to the Keep Road. Friday morning, Herb, Dave, Bill, Tom and Bob went back, cleared, and completed flagging this route, which is very attractive and avoids the beaver flowage and the need to cross the two beaver dams. Bill will revise his map and the trail description to show this trail relocation.


Earl left early Friday morning, Bob J. and Herb left Friday noonish. The others left Friday afternoon in a downpour after installing the mile 0 sign.


 Dick Anderson, Walter Anderson & Bob Johntson with new sign


New Trail Sign

Bill Duffy, Herb Hartman, Tom Brennan, Dave Rand, Dick Anderson & Trip


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