IAT/SIA Maine Chapter Board Members Join Dedication of New Cross-border Trail

August 28, 2009

On August, 18 Maine Chapter IAT/SIA Board members; Don Hudson, Walter Anderson, Bob LeMieux and Dick Anderson traveled to Chartierville, Quebec to participate in the dedication of a new Cross-Border trail. SENTIER FRONTALIERS links the area south and east of Lac Megantic with the Cohos Trail in very northern New Hampshire. Some sections of the trail, like the IAT/SIA, are located along the United States/Canada Border. This section of our border was perfectly located by our forebears along the watershed divide between the Connecticut River and the Saint Lawrence River, so the trail traverses many mountains and provides spectacular views of the surrounding landscape.


The trip was complicated by Dick remembering that he had forgotten his passport (after reminding everyone else not to forget theirs) in Bethel and having to return back to Freeport to get it.


It was great to see our old friends Kim Neilson, Founder of the Cohos Trail, Andre Blais, Founder of Sentier Frontaliers and Daniel Pouplot, Executive Director of the Quebec Hiking Federation. We also made new friends like Gloriane Blais, President of Sentier Frontaliers and Alain Larouche, Eastern Townships Bureau of Tourism’s Executive Director.


The return trip included a drive to the summit of Mount Megantic, which usually provides a spectacular view of the northern Appalachian Mountains, but in this case the view was almost totally obscured by the thick haze that overspread the countryside. It also included a visit to the Kibby wind farm, but that was thwarted by road closure due to equipment delivery.


All in all we had a great adventure and it was a wonderful opportunity to participate in the dedication of another hiking trail linking our two great countries, building on our theme of  “Thinking Beyond Borders”.


Pictures accompanying this story are by Walter Anderson.


For more information, a map, or a press release on the dedication visit   www.sentiersfrontaliers.qc.ca or  www.cohostrail.org



Andre Blais, Founder of Sentier Frontaliers, Kim Neilson, Founder of the Cohos Trail,  and Dick Anderson


Chartiersville Customs


Chartiersville Customs


Daniel Pouplot and Dick Anderson


Dick Anderson and Carey Kish


Inauguration Speakers Kim Neilson, Founder of the Cohos Trail,  Gloriane Blais, President of Sentier Frontaliers and Dick Anderson




Don Hudson, Maine Chapter Secretary;  Bob LeMieux, Maine Chapter Treasurer; and Dick Anderson, Maine Chapter President

Megantic Tower


Megantic Hut


Megantic Stone Piles


Megantic Chapel


Megantic Statue


Megantic Cross


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