IAT Work Report OCT 17 to 19, 2009

October 23, 2009

The work group consisting of Bill Duffy and his wife Jude, Trip (their dog), Earl Raymond, Dave Rand, Walter Anderson, Dick Anderson and Will Richard met at the EPI WORK CAMP Sat 17 October 2009 which is located on Haskell Dead water,

East Branch Penobscot River.


 Bill Duffy, Walter Anderson, will Richard, Dave Rand, Early Raymond, Dick Anderson, Trip



Bill, Jude, Trip, Earl and Dave with his ATV came in early, unloaded their gear, and proceeded to the cedar tree area.


This was a 3 mile logging road investigation using Earl’s forester and with some minor trimming saved a lot of time.


 Dave Rand with his ATV


The purpose was to cut the cedar tree across the trail, which Dave did, and to determine if we should relocate a trail around the wet area. We walked and scouted out the one mile of trail to the T5 R8 south town line and decided it would be best to not relocate but ditch and improve the existing logging road trail.


Also posts were needed at the intersection and Dick & Will’s trail clearing needed to be completed.


Walter drove the JEEP from Yarmouth with Will, Dick, food, tools and posts on the top.


Dave’s beans and hot dogs provided the supper. After dark, as supper was wrapping up, Game Warden Scott Martin stopped in to investigate the source of the fresh tire tracks he had observed on the Caribou Release Road. Bill, Jude and Trip decided to tent and it was a very clear cold 24 degrees night.


 Game Warden Scott Martin talking with Earl Raymond



Morning brought a cold overcast day. The sun tried to get through but no rain or snow.


All went to the field near cedar tree area. Dick and Will installed two posts in the field area and headed back north toward Grand Pitch lean-to trimming trail.


Bill, Jude, Dave & Earl went south to the town line, about a mile, Dave cutting blow downs along the way, Jude and Bill putting up blazes and trimming and Earl doing some minor ditching.


 Jude putting up blaze markers


The trail is certainly walk-able but could use some more ditching.


At the town line we met Joe Oakes the manager of Bowlin Camps. He invited us for coffee and asked if IAT would mention in their literature that Bowlin had tent sites with hot showers and food.


 Dave enjoying a sandwich on the way to Bowlin Camps


Dave continued on down to Little Spring Brook and checked the trail. He also inspected the bridge to see if there was a chance to build an ATV path around the washed out bridge.


Bill, Jude & Earl recovered the property line markers on the Bowlin lot and continued south to the re-built Bendy Bridge over Big Spring Brook. They then returned to the field.


Jude & Earl made two trips to a gravel pit with the Jeep to get rocks to build cairns for permanent around the posts. Bill continued north to help Will and Dick.


Bill and Jude continued hiking the trail from the posts to Grand Pitch and on to the Caribou Release Road, where they met the others working on a temporary ATV access trail. Jude set a new post at the intersection of the trail and the Caribou Release Road.


The beef stew by Dick was an all Maine delight---potatoes from the county, carrots from his garden, and beef from Freeport. Lots of stories and then to bed.


 Dick and Earl after dinner


 Walter and Earl


Who was snoring?


Woke up to a much warmer day (38 degrees). Walt drove the JEEP back to Yarmouth with Dick and Will.


Jude and Bill went to inspect a huge double erratic near where the IAT joins/leaves the Caribou Release Road.


The original single boulder has split in two under its own weight, leaving two main rocks which are at least 30 feet high.


There are numerous small slab caves around the base of the main boulders and a few curious man-made artifacts on the backside of the heap. This interesting feature has been dubbed Eldridge’s Erratic.  


 Jude and Trip exploring a cave


Jude and Bill also drove down to the Checkerberry Camp site and recommend additional blazes be added next year to guide hikers through the confusing set forked roads and dead-ends in the area. Earl went in to both Messier Ponds. Little is beautiful pond and Messier has a nice stand of white birch on the north side.


All tasks were completed and the weather cooperated again.






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